Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cooker Hob + Hood

KS and I have been visiting a couple of Home Fairs that run aplenty in the Klang Valley to get ideas and inspiration. Last weekend, we went to the one at Mid Valley Megamall and decided we had to go there with a purpose since we’re running out of time.

Our goal was to buy a cooker hood and hob. While I wanted to buy an electric stove to eliminate the need for allocating a cupboard for the gas tank, an electric stove would have set us back by about RM3,000. So we decided to check out the safe brand, Fujioh.

A lower range hood and hob was on promotion for about RM4,000 but from experience, the hob doesn’t really endure heat with the beautiful silver paint around the fire would peel off to reveal an ugly metal colour beneath just after one year of frequent use. When I mentioned this to the sales guy, he pointed out it wouldn’t affect the cooking but in that case, why paint it with such poor quality?

We walked around and were struck by the design of another brand. Lebensstil. I’ve heard of it but don’t know much about this brand. A hob and hood only cost RM2,699! And since we liked the design and don’t cook much, we just went ahead and bought it!

Now as I try to find reviews on this, I can’t find any! Gulp! Ok, I’ll review it when I start using it.


MM said...

Have you started using your Lebensstil hood yet? I came across this brand recently and liked the design and suction power. But like you, I too have not heard much about this brand before.

jo said...

i have done light cooking and the hood is doing its job. it's slightly noisy though.

i like the hob though, the fire is pretty good and boils water in a pot rather quickly.

it suited me coz it was affordable and i don't cook that much. plus it looks good. just don't get it from benova sdn bhd if you ever do.

Sue said...

Hi Jo, why do you say that about benova sdn bhd? Any bad experiences cos we're also thinking of getting the same deal from them

jo said...

hi sue

read about it here

it really was a very bad customer experience for me.

for the second visit, since i was already sms-ing the contact person, i thought i'd just send an sms to set the appointment. after all, she seemed to prefer sms-ing than talking.

instead, i was told to call her on her office line and give my reference number again while she acted like we didn't have a shouting match just a few weeks ago and would probably need to be treated slightly differently. oh well.

if you do go with them, get them to tell you upfront on costs and other requirements to prepare yourself. i was at work and couldn't get to the things they requested for at the last minute. and if they went away without coring the hole, i would have had to pay for an extra trip.

good luck.

Sue said...

Hi Jo,

Ahh..point well taken. Thanks for the heads up about the hidden costs. We're gonna try approaching the direct supplier instead. =)

jo said...

good luck! :)

noridah said...

How is yr lebensstill doing? Still doing great? I've just paid a deposit

jo said...

hi noridah, yes, it's still working perfectly. i'm quite happy with the product. hope you have a good experience with yours too!

Scott Goh said...

Hi Jo,

I hope you are still following/updating this blog in 2017 ! Would like to know what kind of hob you purchased from Lebensstil? Electric or Gas ? You mentioned you preffered electric but didn't mentioned what you got in the end. Would like to know how are your hob and hood doing today. Your feedback will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.



jo said...

hi scott

i got the gas one in the end. i can't remember the model number but it's still serving me well. then again, i don't cook much, only now attempting to cook one day a week. i haven't cleaned it for oil because, well, there's no oil to clean since i mainly boil stuff rather than fry (think instant noodles, steam veggies, boil egg).

aesthetically, it looks good though hahaha.

Unknown said...

Hi Jo, may i know are you using the tempered glass type or stainless steel type of hob?

jo said...

Mine is a tempered glass one.