Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peaceful Passing

Over the last couple of months, my grandma was having health problems one after another. It came to a point that she could hardly walk or sit for too long. Because the house she lives in is rather non conducive for a wheelchair bound person, she knew she was starting to be a burden to my uncle's family as they tried to shower her and bring her to the toilet on a daily basis. So she requested to be shifted to a nearby nursing home beside a hospital.

My cousins cried and tried to make her change her mind but she was determined. They knew she would never return.

Sure enough, within a few weeks of being in the nursing home, she vomited blood last Thursday and had to be sent into surgery on Friday. She was given 6 pints of blood and we were all rallying up the cousins to see who could give blood to make the replacements. I volunteered, knowing at some point this year that I would be giving, never realizing how bittersweet this time around would be.

So yesterday, we went to the hospital where she lay in ICU. I went to say hello to her and she was quite animated, waving as I made my leave to go to the blood bank, not realizing that it would be the final goodbye. I mean, how long does a blood extraction take?

While the blood was still draining from our veins, my uncle stepped in and simply told us, "Ama has passed on". The remaining blood trickling out seemed so futile. But I just saw her and she looked fine!

Later I was told she just went very peacefully, as Jan was praying for her with my mum. She gave consent for Jan to pray for her and had her gaze fixed upon her. Her half opened eyes glazed, according to my mum, but other than that, there was no other indication until the nurse came by to administer medication. Jan didn't even realize why the nurse was gently shaking her calling, "Ah Po, Ah Po..." before other nurses rushed over with oxygen tanks and ushered Jan and mum out of the ICU. Shortly after, the doctor came to inform them that they couldn't revive her.

This grandma was the last remaining grandparent we have. She was the matriarch of the family of six children, 12 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren. Unlike my grandpa who came from China, she was born in Malaysia and apparently met my grandpa during the Japanese occupation as they escaped into the jungles. Dad says she used to help them in Maths homework and was very good at it.

My relatives who have been staying her her have been amazing. They've taken care of both my grandparents and even when my grandpa was in the nursing home in PJ during his last days, my uncle would travel all the way from KL every single day after work to sit with him. They gave their best in giving grandma all the comfort and accommodation they could. It's not easy yet they endured and gave them love until the end.

Thank you God, for a peaceful passing and that she was surrounded by loved ones.

Photo taken with Ama some time last year in July when Grace came to visit. The rest are photos I took from the funeral.

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Ron said...

Thx for posting these pics up - it seems weird that I only saw Ah Ma in her house a few months ago...