Saturday, April 08, 2006

Fried Worms?

It's been a helluva week with my product launch coming up next Wednesday. Apart from work, I haven't had a social life for some time now.

Managed to squeeze in a half hour at CG last Wednesday and my cell leader just came back from Chiang Mai, Thailand. At the end of the night, they announced, "Ok, who wants to eat worms?" and promptly brought out a box packed with, yeah, fried worms.

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Yes, this is how they look like and yes, I ate half of one just to try it. Surprisingly KS had one whole piece although he's one who can't even bear the thought of eating frog legs. He later told me he ate it out of being kiasu, scared he'd lose out to me as he thought I'd be brave enough to eat it. Unfortunately for us, it was the other way round.

Yucks! Can you see it's head and legs? This confirms that eating fried tarantulas in Cambodia isn't going to take place as I had first envisioned. It tasted of kuaci and if you're interested, these pieces will remain uneaten.


Ron said...

How gross!!!
I wonder what drives people to eat stuff like this sometimes....I'm sure people eat "kachak" in some countries too ugh!

jo-bloggs said...

i wonder if that cockroach/ fly/ whatever that was with wings and 6 legs is still in your gut? bzzzzzzz

J said...

It's actually quite nice if they left it's insides. It tastes like burnt twisties, except that you don't get that similar satisfaction from eating twisties because we're only eating the skin of this worms.