Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Holi-holi- day!

This is one thing that I absolutely love about being in Malaysia. Besides the food, that is. It's the multiple holidays we get to celebrate (or not!). Today is Prophet Mohd's birthday and here I am, lazing at home, enjoying the day off before the big day tomorrow.

And so what do I have planned for this day off? Absolutely nothing! I'm starting to get bouts of sore throat and fever since Sunday so I'm just taking it easy. It won't be fun having a fever at my product launch tomorrow.

Other than immersing in U2 as usual, I'm now hooked onto Sudoku. Thanks to my Mum who's a Sudoku fan, I was at first baffled at how she could spend a good part of the day just playing it. I spent hours pouring over one she passed to me until I gave up. Then I was shown the easy level Sudoku. Of course lah my Mum was doing the goodness-knows what level!

Dang, it's getting addictive! I've done like almost a hundred now, trying to beat my fastest time of 4:45 mins. Of course, having it online allows you to "cheat" and check your answers as you go along. Try it?

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jo-bloggs said...

my sis got my mum hooked on it too. alan used to think he was a sudoku widower!