Sunday, July 13, 2008

All The Best, Heman

A very good friend has finally had it with Malaysia and has migrated to Australia to look for greener pastures.

He has always obliged every silly request at his own expense from helping me change tires in his best white shirt, drive all the way to Klang just to fix an internal DVD burner for our computer, housed us when we had nowhere to go, tailed me from one end of Klang Valley to make sure I arrived home safely just to return back to his home at the other end of town just to name a few. At one point, he would be the first person I'd contact when I faced any trouble.

He is generous with his time, effort and is a true friend in need. What bugs me is that I have never been able to repay him for any of this. The reason is because he never reveals what he needs.

While attempting to maintain his machoness, we'd throw him soft toys and babies and take photos to incriminate him. And has entertained us with many funny acts like hitting a huge Maori guy right in the eyes with his cap while trying to do the hongi (nose touch Maori greeting).

I will miss him. :(

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