Thursday, July 10, 2008

Attempting Healthy Living

So I’ve started my oat eating for my breakfast. Uncle Toby’s is bearable since it has choc chips in it but my Vico oats and soy drink can get quite disgusting if I don’t drink it down while it’s still hot or when I get to the end of the drink where all the oats coagulate.

Alas, I have 16 packs of the oats and my hubby and colleagues aren’t deceived by me trying to offload some to them.

I supplement my hunger pangs with almonds (honey and sugar coated!) and have inspired my colleague to replace his weekly cookie snack with raisins. Another two have untouched packets of oats with spirulina and are now bringing them out.

Okay, I admit, I cheat by drinking instant soup to alternate my oat intake. The Ajinomoto fix is what I look forward to as I chew through the mornings.

As for the free range chickens, we’ve eaten one and in all honesty, I cannot tell the difference between that and a kampung chicken nor does the meat taste any more er, chickeny. Nor am I absolutely convinced I will switch 100% to eating free range chickens at more than double the cost of normal/express chicken sold in the market. But if Mum sees a benefit to it, I guess I wouldn’t mind placing an order every fortnight for her.

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