Thursday, July 03, 2008

Local Drama

Mum loves watching her Korean drama series every day. For us Malaysians, we only need to read the news to get our daily dose of drama.

From sodomy allegations on Anwar again, proof of fabricated evidence from the sodomy case more than 10 years ago to now allegations that the Deputy PM is involved in a murder case, it makes tuning into the news more interesting. Maybe all this will divert the rakyat's attention away from the rising cost of living.

What made me laugh aloud was when the PM took offense at US for warning Malaysia to conduct a fair investigation on the new Anwar sodomy allegation. He chastised that Malaysia knows how to run our own country, thank you very much, and that we ARE fair! With all the dirt that is being dished out right now on the judiciary appointments, fabricated evidence to suit certain parties, I don't think many people really believe that statement, Pak Lah.

Sigh. What's going on in Malaysia?

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