Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bangkok – Getting There

I’m back! And will give highlights from our short but exhausting trip.

Firstly, getting there was an adventure on it’s own. We planned to take a bus to the airport so we scheduled an additional hour to the two hours required for flying overseas. However, KS forgot and got the cab to take us all the way, so we had to wait for over 3 hours at the airport.

During the taxi ride, KS kept asking strange and nonsensical questions to the driver. Apparently, he was nodding off to sleep! So it was a good thing we arrived in one piece!

Then later, as we got on the plane, there were additional 2 passengers on the flight. Two of them were from other flights but because of the lack of signage or guides, they walked into the wrong aircraft!

After identifying the misguided, we taxied onto the runway only to taxi the aircraft back due to engine problems. So our flight was further delayed.

Finally upon reaching, we decided to go to the night market, Suan Lum, where many friends mentioned of the cheap and good food. We ended up paying RM46 for char siew, char kuey tiow and tom yam soup that tasted like taugeh soup with prawns that weren’t fresh.

End of day 1. Good thing was that we enjoyed our hours at the airport at a complimentary visit to the airport lounge there.

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