Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bangkok – Highlights

Bangkok is a great place for shopping. We covered Suam Lum night market, MBK Shopping Mall, Platinum Mall and Chatuchak. However, I found that only at MBK shops have proper changing rooms. Half of my purchases from Chatuchak were disappointing, as they looked weird upon trying them back at the hotel. Plus most clothes are made from poor quality material. Our Chatuchak purchases.

As for tourist spots, we only visited the Floating Market and along the way back were brought to the elephant rides, Wood Carving Center and gemstones factory. The gemstone factory staff were really really hard selling their wares. Unfortunately, the wood carving and gemstones were part and parcel of every tour. It wasted some time when we could have been doing other things.

Breakfast at the Floating Market. Delish.

Typical scenes at the Floating Market. Tried this kuih and found it to be quite pleasant although we don't know what it is made of.

Constant Vigilance! We were cheated everywhere, even in 7-Eleven! Or when we bargained, I felt like we didn’t bargain hard enough.

Anyway, one of the best parts of the trip was the Thai foot massage. We did that on the last night and regretted not discovering it earlier as I would have liked to try the neck and shoulder massage.

All in all, it was fun but I wouldn’t purposely make a trip back to Bangkok. I liked the fact that we walked so much! Inevitable exercise after guzzling my daily dose of green curry chicken! Yum!

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