Sunday, July 06, 2008

No Bag

Last Friday I walked in KLCC because the sales have started. Coach handbags were going for below RM1000 and I was introduced to Cole Haans and uh, another brand which I can't remember. So there I was, trying out handbags that were supposedly oh-so-cheap but in the end, I just didn't see a need to spend so much for a handbag. This is despite my recent desire for owning a branded bag.

Just glad to say I'm still me inside and I left empty handed after 2 solid hours. Happily.

But the other thing that is a bit out of character is that I started buying Uncle Toby's and oats for breakfast. Me! The girl who eats a bar of Snickers and muruku for breakfast! This is due to the rising prices of all food around my office that I reckon I'd rather spend about the same amount eating something healthier.

I haven't eaten the oats but hope they're palatable. Let's see how long this "healthy" streak lasts.


Grace said...

I love oats but you can make it with milk and honey

Mlle Monster said...

There is always the Ikea Oat cookies. I know you like them....