Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Delayed Postings

This is so weird. Just read from KarenCheng's that she was blogging about her pregnancy 3 months behind time. So instead of delivering her 3rd baby in 3 months, she's due any time now.

What's strange to me is that I don't think I could ever blog in advance and then only publish it 3 months later. The longest I've done is one week in advance but even then, it felt weird and made me stop thinking about what to blog next.

Anyway, this is just some random posting so to add some entertainment, here's a YouTube video. Check out the "And by du way, by du way..."

Ah, since I'm in the mood for sharing YouTubes, here's another one. I've been rather obsessed with this soundtrack piece but it's driving me insane because it builds up beautifully into a crescendo and then it ends so pathetically! The finalé is just so unsatisfying!

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