Thursday, March 05, 2009


On Saturday, I had to sit for an exam held in a high school near my office. The exam was held in Bahasa Malaysia and it was only 50 questions, multiple choice and the passing rate is 50%. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

Not when the last time I sat for an exam in BM was in 1993. Not when I had to translate every question into English first for me to fully understand it. Not when whatever I studied on did not come up in the exam. Not when, upon entering the class, I realised they never did provide pencils nor erasers for your exams. All I brought were pens and a mechanical pencil with a single lead and a flimsy eraser at one end. Dang. I'll let you know if I passed.

Anyway, stepping into the school was truly something. It is a grand old school. I imagined a throng of boys rushing up the stairs on their way up/down from their classes. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a camera and only took photos with my camera phone. Plus, with so many people milling about, waiting for their friend/relative to finish the exam, I could feel stares as I hurriedly took these shots.
The image of childhood nightmares

People waiting to enter the exam rooms

View from the balcony. The bluish glass red-brown building at the background is where KS works. The other brown building peeking behind it is the KLSE. What a place to school.


Grace said...

which school is it?

jo said...

st. john's secondary school in kl.

Kelvin said...

Hmm... schools in Asia always seem so much more grand than here in Canada. We basically study in boxes.