Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kuala Selangor Outing

Last Saturday, some friends and I thought we'd do something a little out of the ordinary and drive to Kuala Selangor, over 50km from Klang Valley for a seafood lunch. Kuala Selangor is famous for it's kelip-kelip or fireflies. It also has a historical garden, Bukit Melawati, with a lighthouse perched on top of the hill amongst other historical artefacts like cannons that were used in the war.

We pushed off at noon (no thanks to Alex who overslept!) and reached at about 1pm. Thank goodness the place was not yet packed and we managed to grab a table beside the sea. The food we ordered was way too much for five people but the chef knew just how much to feed us but reducing the portions to balance the meal.

Still, we successfully brought meaning to the word gluttony and stuffed our faces and stomachs with these amidst laughter:

The first dish that arrived was sambal sotong. Delicious.

When the butter prawns arrived, we thought they were a bit kiam siap with the portions, just about one piece per person. We later discovered they took into consideration the portions they'd be serving us and thank goodness they did or we would have really overstuffed our faces!

O chien, or oyster supposedly fried with egg but it was more like a pancake-ish flour mixture rather than egg. The least favourite dish.

This sea creature is called "lai liu har" or prawn mantis. Live, these creatures are sized between large prawns and crayfish, with many, many legs. They remind me of some insect, or worse, the striped cockroach. Still, served like this where all the legs are removed and the meat is chopped, is fine by me. The dish was so so.

A seafood meal is never complete without crabs. Seen here is one of the two crab dishes we ordered, called fresh milk crab. To a lactose intolerant person, it not only doesn't sound appetizing, it also spells trouble. However, unappetizing it was not and I soaked the mun tau buns in its gravy. I couldn't digest properly for the entire weekend because of that.

This other crab dish was the Marmite crab. I gave this one a miss because I just couldn't be bothered digging into crabs after my first two pieces from the other crab dish.

I surprised everyone by insisting we had a veggie dish. Of course, what other veggie do I eat? The kangkong belacan was good but average.

Finished off our meal with a sweet surprise, ice cream wrapped in a spongecake-like shell, deep fried to give a crisp and hot contrast to the melting ice cream center. Yummy!

Guess how much the bill came up to? Only RM24 each! It was so cheap! Not shown here is our large coconut drinks. If you love eating seafood (honestly, I don't know what really good seafood is as I hardly eat it) and want to eat till your heart says stop, Kuala Selangor is highly recommended. The only seafood dishes I really liked were the prawns, sotong and the milk crab.

As we made our way out of the restaurant, we were caught in a massive jam. It was ironic that we were experiencing a jam out of Klang Valley in the small town of Kuala Selangor. Alas, it was a nasty accident and we were close enough to see the body laid out and covered beside his vehicle. The ambulance came and they wrapped him in a body bag. It was horrible.

In a slightly more sombre atmosphere, we made our way to Bukit Melawati. Instead of seeing the historical sights there, we sat at an open hall and played Guesstures until evening, which picked up our mood. The place was teeming with monkeys and since SK and I aren't fond of them, we were careful not to make too much rustling sounds with our bag of chips.

Guesstures, a sure way of spending a laughter-filled afternoon.

We made our way back and again, saw another accident which, thank God, no one was hurt. I can tell you I drove as carefully as I could and we reached safely in the evening.

All in all, it was a fun outing and we had a great time of laughter.

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