Sunday, March 08, 2009

No Line On The Horizon

U2's new album came out earlier this week. Reviews were bad but I refused to read them. I panicked, "If it's that bad, how can I realize my dream to catch their next world tour and not enjoy the songs they'd be playing?!"

KS got the album anyway and we're immersing ourselves with it. I must say I do enjoy some songs, but like all albums, it's not every song that will resonate with you. And as usual, some of their songs sound better live. So yeah, my dream is still alive. Thank goodness for YouTube in the meantime!

Heck, if you're a U2 fan out there, just go get the album.

They performed on David Letterman for the whole week and participated in the famous Top Ten list on David Letterman. I love The Edge's lines! I just realised how small sized they all are! Check out Larry's platforms. But then again, David is over 6 feet tall and smaller people tend to make more noise.

Check it out:


Siew Kheng said...

Hey! I resent the last line in the last para. Not all noisy people are short. Hmph! But yeah...short people had to have some other ways to catch attention...WHEN it's required ;)

jo said...

hahahaha!!! i was wondering when you'd ever take that bait!