Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ang Ku Returns
After three weekend missing in action, we thought we'd lost Ang Ku for good. Then one morning, as we just returned from brunch, her meowing was the most welcoming sound to our ears as she greeted us at the door. Skinnier and more
manja, that's all that changed.
First Offerings to the New Office

Brought my first batch of home made choc chip cookies to the office. Good reviews all around with a few strange comments like "My mum bakes better than you", "You made this? As in, from the instant cookie dough where you just add eggs?" which earned a fairly sarcastic return of "No, everything came separately, you know, like the flour in one packet and the sugar in another".

There's only a few more pieces left after 3 working days so I take it as a good sign.

Hair Change
I just walked into the saloon, said I was tired of my long hair style of 5 years and voila! A lighter me!


Feels weird but I like it because it's just different - after 5 years.

Greetings from the Toilet Bowl
Urgently rushing to the toilet upon reaching the Klang house today, this is what greeted me from the toilet bowl. 'Scuse the muck.
Wonderful. Thank goodness there's more than one toilet in the house.


Grace said...

Wow, I liked your hair long. This makes me think of you when you were back in Alor Setar and we made you the shin mui girl.

Ron said...

Don't you love Malaysians? They always criticize one's efforts - it's never good enough etc. and worse, too negative to admit something is good!
By the way, the kacak is so geli...reminds me of the kacak that drowned in my rice cooker water catchment thing attached at the side - did I ever show you the pic??? I wonder how it actually got itself in there!
Your new hair-do reminds me of Grace's!

jo said...

yeah, mum's first reaction was like, "why cut your hair so short? i prefer you with long hair! now you look like grace" in a single breath.

anyway, hopefully my hair won't drop so much now.

and yes, ron, you did show me the geli photo of the cockroach in your rice cooker thing.

Kelvin said...

Your hair cut is nice. Irene recently cut her hair to a similiar style. Definitely quite trendy.

jo said...

why thank you, kelvin! unfortunately, it's already started to misbehave and now i look like i'm wearing darth vader's helmet.