Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Blue Icing

A few weeks ago, one of KS’s business partners gave them a lovely box of cupcakes, the icing depicting the corporate logo of a pitch KS’s company just won. The logo has dark blue as a major part of it and somehow, the blue colouring was more potent than any other colour.

They made one of their colleagues eat the blue icing, watching in fascination as his teeth, tongue… his entire mouth, turn blue. He only realized it after they all laughed at him and tried to wash it off. He also rubbed it with tissue but his teeth remained firmly blue, never mind he had an important presentation that evening. It was only until he went home and brushed his teeth that it came out.

So when KS brought some home, we discarded the cardboard box with some smeared blue icing in the kitchen dustbin.

The next day, I noticed 3 droplets of watery blue colouring on the kitchen floor. Thinking someone had eaten one of the cupcakes, I cleaned it up and didn’t think twice about it.

The day after that, Dad asked me if I had eaten one and when I said no, he said he also discovered 3 drops of watery blue colouring on the floor that morning.

By the afternoon, we noticed yet another blue drop of colouring, this time in a tiny hardened form.

And we still haven’t eaten the blue cupcakes. We haven’t found out how this is happening, with the only conclusion drawn that a lizard had consumed the icing from the box and had diarrhea over 2 days.

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Grace said...

How poisonous! Hope you didn't eat the cupcakes in the end.