Monday, December 28, 2009

Fantastic Feasts!

Merry Christmas!!

This year for Christmas, it was a bit quieter for us since the two boys aren't around. There was no Christmas tree, the Christmas presents were a bit less (see my small stash below), our family gathering on Christmas eve and Christmas morning was also quieter, with no kids running around.

For Christmas eve, Ron cooked us some Greek lamb with some very delicious potato salad and green salad. He roasted the lamb just the perfect way I like, medium so it was juicy but not bloody.

On Christmas Day itself, we headed off to Melaka and KS family prepared a feast of two succulent roasted chickens, stuffed turkey breast, smoked salmon, ham, baked pumpkin and potato, fresh salad and three bottles of Champagne.

And to make it more Christmassy, my in-laws went and bought a cute Christmas tree, complete with blinking lights! And played carols throughout the night.

After that, we walked to the Portugese Settlement to take a peek at their Christmas deco:

Notice how Aik Cheong (the local coffee) has its branding all over the place?

Anyway, we had absolutely amazing Christmas dinners. I can't quite tell what I liked best because they were all good. Seriously. Only missing was Yen and Grace + family :)


grace said...

Yeah, we missed everyone too. It was very quiet here. Are they all your presents? I wouldn't call them small!

jo said...

yeah, those were the presents ks and i gave out this year. i suppose it's because last year we had more than one present per person plus we had more of us around. so our stash this year was a bit small(er).