Sunday, December 13, 2009

First Fortnight

I've completed my first fortnight at my new workplace. The first thing to note is that I really feel welcome there, with two familiar faces and good friends to ease the transition. My immediate team members are smiley happy people, very pleasant and potential to be gila folks.

Secondly, the work is something I'm familiar with. Going to a meeting to represent my boss at the last minute still had me understanding what they were talking about! It feels good to be able to nod knowingly and ask slightly smarter questions than before.

Thirdly, I love the distance to work! It takes me about 20 mins with not much jam along the way, with only traffic lights slowing me down.

And lastly, it is simply quite amazing to discover the little township there. It looks like it's been plucked from one of those old fading small towns like Kampar or Bidor with shops selling an eclectic mix of items. Thank goodness there are lots of food options there too.

So, so far so good!

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Grace said...

That is great. I suppose the kampung can make up for the lost city views. All the best in your new job and hope it works for the best!