Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gift Exchange

It's the time of the year when we have gift exchanges. Over the years of receiving strange gifts which are still stacked up somewhere in a moulding box under the stairs, we have made each one give a list of 3 things that they'd like to receive (with a fixed budget of course) so that when we actually receive the item, it would be something you'd have wanted in the first place.

However, while this is most practical, most people don't like the idea of taking the surprise out of the gift. So this idea has been shelved for some time now. And we continue to receive an eclectic mix of gifts. And, as a friend said recently, why don't we have Boxing Day here in Malaysia where we can go back to the shop to return gifts we don't need?

KS has this idea of having a gift exchange after the Christmas season. You know, when you bring all the gifts you won't be using and exchanging it with others. For example, I have this HUGE rice cooker which can cook for like 10 people but I don't cook, neither do I have to constantly feed 10 people. So if I can put it up for an exchange with something more useful to me, wouldn't that just make sense?

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