Saturday, December 19, 2009

Supermarket Sweep with a Twist

When we went to Paris, Ron had asked us to get him specific brands of sardines and foie gras. Before our trip, I Googled for pictures but couldn't find the picture of the foie gras tin, only the logo, Valette, which I thought would be good enough.

So we headed to the recommended Le Bon Marche on the morning we were going to leave Paris. When we walked into the food section, everything was in, well, French. But soon enough we spotted a whole shelf of canned items including the liver. Of course, we had to pick every tin up to check:

1. if it was foie gras
2. if it was the Valette brand

Most of them were foie gras alright but none of them were Valette. Then we walked around and found many more tins scattered on almost every other shelf! Grief! With time ticking, we split ourselves up, eyeballed every tin but could NOT find it!

In the end, I had to approach an employee with the only French sentence I know, "Do you speak English?" and not caring that he gave me a cold look, I plundered on to ask the availability of the brand. Needless to say, I was sent in circles to 3 other staff before I gave up and decided to just get any brand.

But then! There were so many types of foie gras! Bloc? Mousse? Puree? Entier? Less than 100gm? d'Oie? d'Canard? Anyway, after a dozen SMS-es to Ron, our little adventure ended happily with the correct tins:

After that, KS and I came up with this idea of hosting a game show similar to Supermarket Sweep. We get locals who don't know how to speak/read French (or any foreign language) as a criteria, send them into a French (foreign) supermarket to look for a list of groceries unique to the country, with a limited time.

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