Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Summing Up 2009

This year, I didn’t list down my new year’s resolution in my blog but at the back of my mind I had two main goals:
1. Visit someplace new (which is our annual goal anyway)
2. Donate blood

So with just these two targets, I must say 2010 was packed with events that became major points in my life:

1. FREE U2 Concert in Wembley
2. Visited Bali, London and Paris
3. Getting our house in PJ
4. Donated blood at last!
5. New job which is nearer to home

Now I’m listing down my goals for next year and it’s a lot longer than this year’s. Maybe seeking for a yearly miracle like this year’s U2 ticket win isn’t too far fetched? Miracles come in many forms, it’s whether you’re on the lookout for it or not.

Will share my 2010 goals at the end of next year when I do my review. :)

*Wow! Just discovered I can blog from the office!!*

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Grace said...

That is great, maybe you will blog more often!