Thursday, April 01, 2010

Moor Face Soap

Last weekend (I had a fruitful weekend!), I was in Jaya 33 and there was a flea market at the concourse. I walked around, hoping to find some clothes for work but instead, found this interesting soap bar called Eumora.

The product is made from Moor and some algae stuff meant to clear pimples, smoothen wrinkles, firms, tones and softens the skin, hair regrowth…

Since I’m having so much problems with my pimples, I thought, what the heck, let me try the 3 minute test so the girl proceeded to lather the soap on half my face to show the difference. After more than 5 minutes (because when you are a live test in a concourse, it is only natural that everyone starts to gather around out of curiosity. So the girl was very busy trying to explain her product to bystanders), she wiped off the suds and lo and behold! My face was so clear like a baby’s bottom!

I’m kidding. No, I couldn’t see any changes although KS said he could see some slight changes in the mere few minutes of the product.

But heck, I’d try anything. So I proceeded to acquire a small bar, which came in a size that is slightly bigger than those you’d find in a hotel room. It was RM95. Yup. Apparently I don’t need to put toner or moisturizer since it takes care of everything.

So now I’m trying it and each time I use it, I feel a tightness which usually is associated with drying of skin. I don’t know if it is or the effect of the skin firming. But I do know this, that my pimples have stopped bleeding the last couple of days. Plus my pores are less visible.

We shall continue to see.

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