Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ex Minister of Kedah

My parents just told me this yesterday. This happened when I was completely ignorant of political issues in Malaysia and this fact is quite amazing.

Kedah had a Minister by the name of Sanusi Junid, who tried to implement very creative ideas to the state. Here's a selected list of his attempts:
1. Plant padi on your rooftops
Kedah is known as the Rice Bowl of Malaysia for having the most rice fields in the state. And so, in an apparent bid to make full use of all rooftops, we should all level our roofs and plant padi. I think someone tried. And failed.

2. Coconut Plucking by Monkeys Competition
Farmers should train monkeys to pluck coconuts so that we can have competitions on the best coconut plucking monkey.

3. Plucking White Hair Competition
A competition on how fast a wife can pull white hair from their husbands.

His supporters described him as being a very creative person. I he lasted one term. Alas, I can't find anything on Google to back my parents memory.

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