Saturday, January 26, 2008

Legal Cases

I used to love reading Perry Mason but one of the things that bugged me was that the witnesses, whenever they were put on stand, nearly always told the truth. In today's context, here's what's currently happening.

There's an ongoing investigation on a video clip of a prominent lawyer who is recorded discussing judicial appointments over the phone with the then chief judge. It's actually quite entertaining to read the daily papers because of the absurdity of it all.

Firstly, he says the person seen in the video, "sounds like me, looks like me but I'm not saying it's me".

But the funniest one is some evidence of him taking a NZ holiday with a former chief justice. "The meeting at Changi Airport, same ticket book, same travel agent, same location, same day, same itinerary, his secretary's name on (the Chief Justice's) itinerary... The time spent together at a zoo and a bird park, the shared van, visiting tourist spots in various parts of NZ during the week-long trip and fishing together at Lake Wakatipu. The accused says it was all... COINCIDENCE... COINCIDENCE... COINCIDENCE" - Front page, NST, Jan 25.

He's now asking for his experts to view the video to confirm it's authenticity. And of course, he needs the original. Guess what his experts will say about the evidence? I won't bet 1 sen on your guess.

The sad thing is, I have a feeling he's going to go scott free, just like the Klang municipal head who built a mansion of over 20 rooms. A civil servant. All 24 charges against him dropped mysteriously. And now he's buying the land beside his house.

That's some entertainment for you.

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