Sunday, January 06, 2008

Strange Mushroom

The other day Mum bought a can of asparagus mushrooms to cook for dinner. When we had dinner that night, we had a good laugh at the odd shapes of it. One looked like a chicken drumstick while I got this:

Dad described it as politely as he could - a baby body part while I was cruder and exclaimed "It looks like a dick!"

KS buried his concentration on chewing his food at this point.

Have I mentioned before how my family tends to talk about all things related to body excrements especially after dinner much to the discomfort of KS and Matt? I'm going to start recording them on my blog.


ron said...

mushrooms are funny things arent they?

Grace said...

You probably DID eat a preserved dick without realising it. Sometimes there are parents in China who long for baby girls (now there is a shortage of girls) and they castrate their boys and hide the evidence in factories that produce foodstuff for livestock. I don't know how that got into the can of mushroom, you should report it to the authorities at once! I once found a bandaid in my foie gras and it was like..terrible!
So was the penis chewy?