Saturday, February 02, 2008

And More Shopping!

And more on shopping, I managed to secure "free" air tickets to Bangkok in May! (Why I say "free" is because AirAsia now is charging a strange "Administration fee" which never existed the last time I flew with them. And nowhere in their site explains what this fee is for. And it is not cheap, compared to the RM9.99 flights they like to advertise.)

Enough grousing. I am still so looking forward to it! Never been there before despite staying so close. Everyone says it is a shopping haven and I'm getting bitten by the shopaholic bug a little bit more frequently in recent months.

Where to stay? Where to shop? What to look out for? Are tailors good there (think scoop dress!)? Are clothes at the Chatuchak market of good quality? Oooo... I can't wait!

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