Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A couple of Sundays ago, a whole bunch of us went to the FRIM Forest Reserve for a supposed photography outing. Unfortunately it was too overcast for good lighting. We had a great breakfast and set off to the waterfall anyway.

It drizzled as we went along and boy, was it a hike for someone who never exercises! KS was dripping with sweat, my specs were fogged up and it was still a long way before we reached our destination. After walking so much, the excursion became more of a hiking trip than a photography session, as I was so uninspired due to tiredness.


I dawdled along and stopped by to shoot this to show how big the fallen leaves were. Waited for my friend’s father to catch up and chatted with him as we strolled. We were talking about how he has yet to encounter leeches when I looked down and lo and behold, there was one little bloodsucker firmly attached to my leg. He had to remove it for me coz I was too geli to touch it.

Now I have another mark on the same leg due to leeches. Dang those creatures!

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w.e.n.d.y said...

I had 13 leeches stuck all over my legs once! Imagine all the holes on my legs thereafter...

I guess our blood is sweeter....