Saturday, February 02, 2008

Internet Shopping

Speaking of buying over the internet, I'm suddenly struck with the desire to shop for clothes over the internet. The crap thing about it is that:
1. The models are... well, models
2. I really don't know if it will fit me
3. The worst thing is, most shops are based in the US. So shipping costs as much as the dress.

So here I am, browsing through Victoria's Secret dresses and Fashion Junkie site (no thanks to Karen Cheng!) and looking at all these gorgeous clothes. It gets worse since I have a particular neckline I want, u or scooped (not sure if that's the correct terminology for it. Sidetrack: I like Cloe Dao, winner of Season 2 Project Runway. Yeah, Malaysia's a bit behind in our tv series), and most of them are deep v neck ones.

Still, I'm browsing because I also want to get ideas so that I can perhaps tailor make them. Yeah right. One very fine day.

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