Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rootote Crazy

I usually read blogs over the weekend when I’m back in Klang with the faster internet connection. So last weekend, I read Karen Cheng and she reviewed this tote bag, Rootote. It looks really good on her and since Australia’s not too far away, I toyed with the idea of getting one too.

Buying off the internet usually means high shipping costs. So I asked a friend who is going there at the end of March to see if he could bring it back for me. I wrote to Grace and asked her if she was interested too and the funny thing is, she's also making arrangements to get the bag shipped to her via her friend too!

The even better thing is, they wrote and said they had a surge of orders from Malaysia and Singapore and will be sending a bulk shipment at a much lower cost! Oh man! I am going to get my tote earlier than expected without having to inconvenience my friend and his family.

So excited over my first physical purchase off the internet!

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