Saturday, May 31, 2008

Auditor Encounter

On Thursday, I had Murphy's Law dog my every step at work. What could go wrong, went wrong. What was lying in wait for me months ago, sprung up on that very day. Expletives flowed and I was so stressed up I developed ulcers in my mouth, one on my tongue (which makes it hell trying to eat or drink).

Anyway, the thing that capped it all was that I actually went to ask an internal auditor to audit part of my work. Now, that sounds like just the thing to make life miserable but I must say, I have never encountered an auditor breathing down my neck. I just wanted to make sure that when I selected a winner, no one would say it was because I was biased.

Now I understand why people despise auditors! He asked every single thing he could think of, to the point that I felt whatever I did was wrong. It was ridiculous! In the end, I even threw him back a ridiculous question that could I trust him if I sent him information via the email!

Even on the way home, we encountered traffic lights which turned amber just as we were about to reach them. I went back to change out of my totally black outfit for the day before going out for dinner that night.

But the day wasn't over. I wanted to rant via my blog and the home computer couldn't connect to the internet. Then on Friday, I wanted to blog in the office, and the darn office internet wasn't working either. Waaaaaa!!!

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