Saturday, May 03, 2008

Supposed To Be...

Right now, KS and I are supposed to be in Bangkok. We're supposed to be preparing to go to watch the famous caberet show by beautiful women who are actually men. We're supposed to be aching from our entire day of shopping at Cha Tu Chak.

I'm now in my parent's PJ house. Why? Because I came down with a high fever the day we were supposed to leave. I was extremely tempted to just go anyway and then hopefully when I recover, we'd still have 3-4 days worth of Bangkok.

In a way, I'm glad we didn't go as I'm still feeling under the weather. And lethargic. Can't imagine trying to walk the entire length of Cha Tu Chak. KS has been an awful sport about it, catering to my every whim. I just hope I recover soon. It's horrible being ill. Plus I seem to be getting ill a lot more frequently this year. :(


ron said...

So can you re-book the trip or have you lost it altogether? what about refunds?
You don't eat enough sayur/fruit that's why you get sick!

jo said...

i KNEW you'd say that! ish...

as for refunds, airasia could only give me a refund of everything but the taxes, i think. so it's short by rm200. still, better than nothing. all i had to do was prove to them that i really was not well with a doctor's letter.

so we'll try to see when we can postpone our trip.

blood test comes out this afternoon. fingers crossed it's not denggi.