Saturday, May 24, 2008

You Can't Run

Have you ever tried being cut away from the news just for one day? It’s not so easy as I have found out recently.

I’ve been following American Idol quite closely this season and because I don’t have pay TV, I was unable to see the finals live. And the results came out immediately on the internet. So, not wanting to spoil things, I tried to keep myself out of everyone’s chatter and not go on the internet.

Alas, the news still managed to infiltrate my efforts and I knew who won. Without watching the final episode. It was so potong stim, watching the finals later, like when I knew Bruce Willis was dead throughout Sixth Sense.

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Kelvin said...

Well, that being said though, the finale was still a good show. I watched it again recently. My favourite part was Brooke singing "Teach Your Children Well"