Tuesday, May 13, 2008


After 6 nights in the hospital, I'm out. The results: Not dengue, not really typhoid, tonsils improving (but I have this geli white stuff stuck at the back of my throat now), rashes for 3 days so far, fever off and on, white blood cells still high (which means it's still fighting something) but other than that, the doctors have no clue what's been bugging me. I also look like a junkie with so many needle points all over my arm.

So I'm now home with the week off to monitor my condition. Wish I could take the photo of the white stuff at the back of my throat and show you!


Mlle Monster said...

Glad you are ok. Hope you get better and no we do not want to see the white icky stuff!

Big hugs.

Wendy said...

U were in a hospital too? I know exactly how you feel! Glad you're OK now.