Saturday, May 24, 2008

Keeping Up With The Joneses

I've never been much of a fan of fashion designer stuff. The most I'd spend on is an Espirit handbag and that brand isn't even considered designer.

Recently though, I've switched to a new portfolio at work which requires me to have meetings at my head office. My office has a very casual dress code and I don't often wear pressed shirts unless I really feel like it. My colleagues at the head office though, dress really well and I feel like some kampung girl each time I go there. I'm now trying to wear shirts when I know I have meetings there.

The the other day, someone brought us out for lunch and everyone brought their handbags with them. From the looks of them, they looked like designer stuff. Why? Because there was one which had a padlock (yes, you read that right) larger than the one hanging on my gate as part of it's design! It wasn't even used to, you know, lock the bag. It was just hanging there. Now, I reckon, unless this bag is super expensive and it's supposed to make a fashion statement, no one would really carry, let alone buy a handbag with a giant padlock on it.

Suddenly, my poor Rootote looked like some bag you'd carry to a pasar malam and I tried to hide it as much as I could. Oh dear. Now I'm suddenly trying to get interested in Coach bags but I still can't imagine spending a month's salary on one darn handbag. Yes I know Coach bags are the lower end of the high end designer stuff but in Malaysia, the tax really makes them pretty expensive, to me at least (and it also tells you roughly how much earning power we have here, or rather, how pathetic my pay is).


Mlle Monster said...

Well the alternative is carrying bags that don't advertise their brands on the outside.

I never understood why bags here cost so much. Ridiculous. I didn't know they were taxed so much.

Nevetheless money does not buy taste as you know from your colleague's padlock thingy and I know from my ex-boss's horrendous prada bag which looked like a blue armadillo that got run over by a steamroller.

If you are gonna have to spend a small fortune on a good handbag, like a watch, just regard it as an investment and an extension of your personality and taste. While I don't have a designer handbag, my designer wallet has outlived 2 boyfriends and 3 jobs. So it may be worth it. Just make sure its love.

jo said...

actually, i don't know if it's the tax that makes it so expensive. i think rather, it's the greed of profts.

hmm... designer wallet, eh?

Karen said...

I agree. Like anything related to fashion, you buy something because you love it and it fits your personality/needs/wants.

I've always been preferred buying designer items with no obvious logo unless the design is something I really love. At the end of the day you should be buying something because you love the quality and style. I was given a designer bag once that was valued at 500 pounds (a friend sent it from London). Lovely gesture but there was the designer logo all over it. I felt so ridiculous and tacky just looking at it and ended up giving it away for a charity auction.

DO NOT, for any reason ever, buy a cheap fake designer bag. Anyone who knows anything about designers can spot a fake from a mile away and it will make you look more "kampung" than anything.

Why don't you go for a mid-price brand like Michael Kors which uses very good leather and have good shapes. Better yet...wire me some money and I can get you "designer" brand for a decent deal. I can't imagine a bag costing a whole month's salary...

ron said...

aiyah, just use plastic bag lah - carrefour sounds exotic??? hahaha

jo said...

hey karen, just checked out michael kors. don't think i can afford mid range at this stage lah.

but i'll take a rain cheque on your offer about wiring you some money. :) let me know in advance if you're coming by malaysia then i'll save up in advance.