Sunday, December 07, 2008

Being in an Islamic Bank...

One of the first things I learned here in my new job is the Malam Khamis-Jumaat. All this while, my sifu's in my ex company never explained this law so when I heard about it recently, I thought my leg was being pulled.

Malam Khamis-Jumaat, or Thursday nights, for Muslims are dedicated for husbands to be with their wives. You know, to carry out their famiy duty of procreation. So every Thursday nights, there's always the joke circling about not having to hold late meetings.

Then, I also recently learned that circumcision is not only for boys. Apparently, girls are also subjected to it when they're babies although I'm still not very sure what they actually cut off. That is SO weird!

One colleagues said, "Of course, now that you're in an Islamic Bank, you should get know these things". I'll share more when I learn more interesting things.

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Karen said...

Female circumcision really varies from region to region. But as a whole a really disgusting and repressive practice. Generally, they remove a woman's entire genital parts so that a female can never feel sexual pleasure and in some cases will always be in constant pain for the rest of their lives.