Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wrapping Up 2008

Since KS started recounting the 10 events of 2008 in his blog, I'd like to recap major events of 2008 too although some will overlap with his.

1. General Elections 2008 saw to a major shake up to the current administration. The rakyat has spoken loud and clear and yet fools choose to challenge even God by saying things like "Even God cannot destroy UMNO". The last time God was publicly challenge was "Even God cannot sink this ship (Titanic)". We'll see.

2. Discovering new places - Korean town in Ampang, Camerons, Bangkok and Hong Kong. I enjoyed Bangkok and Hong Kong but only see myself returning to Hong Kong. It was also a good (although stressful) time with my family.

3. Hospitalised. The strange fever that wouldn't go away for 12 days and deferred my Bangkok trip. Pity there wasn't a Dr House in that hospital as they haven't figured out what was ailing me. Also, I was slightly amused that despite my repeated rejection of my 4th antibiotic course, informing him I have felt nausea and headache when I once took my 3rd course years ago, the doctor insisted I take it. He had to eat his words back when a rash immediately broke out all over my body. And I've learnt that it is good to stay in a single bedded room if you're not well.

4. Caving. It was fun climbing and crawling in Gua Tempurung with the CG. My toe nail is still slowly growing as I type.

5. Getting ever-so-slightly healthier. Started with switching my char siew pao and Snickers chocolate bar to some oats for breakfast which then caused me piles (see? It's sometimes not healthy to eat oats!) and now I'm taking cereal and the occasional instant soup for breakfast.

6. Good friend Heman migrated to Sydney. Although we don't meet as often as I like, I do miss calling him once in a while and just talking. Things are just different over the internet, you know?

7. Changing new job. Stressful but it's work stress so that's fine. Mental stress is being sorted, so things are getting better. However, I've lost the time and motivation to blog as a result of being bogged down by work.

8. Minor new discoveries - Ben & Jerry's, Krispy Kreme, Capoeira.

Now to start planning a list of things for 2009.

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