Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pre-Christmas Peace

The furious wrapping of presents have tapered down, the bottom of the tree is bursting with presents, the two kids are out on their train ride, Matt's busy in the kitchen preparing the turkey while I'm here busy blogging and playing computer games... This is going to be a GREAT Christmas. :)

Matt, Grace and kids are here in PJ. This is the first Christmas we're having here in the new house. KS brought the Christmas tree from Klang and set it up a couple of weeks ago. It's now quietly blinking in the living room, lending a peaceful sparkle in it's muted corner. I gave up trying to fit all the presents under it so they're spilling out of the sides.

Christmas shopping this year has been a fun process, pounding the pavement of every mall for the last few weekends. Of course, KS was filled with horror battling the crowd last weekend when he had to do his shopping. Look forward to the opening of presents and seeing everyone's face when a particular present it opened. Will feature it here once it is unwrapped.

Blessed Christmas everyone.

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