Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bizarre Christmas

Actually, it's been a muted Christmas for us. Had to admit Dad into a hospital on boxing day since he hasn't been well from a week ago with suspected dengue/chikugunya. He was on drip as he was vomiting. Doctor suspects he was attacked with viral fever and maybe a tail-end of dengue.

It's actually good that we were on long holiday so we could visit him and keep Mum company. He was discharged after two nights and came home to rest.

Then, a few hours later, KS parents, on their way home from Ipoh yesterday wanted to drop by to see how Dad was, encountered car problems and were forced to spend the night while sourcing for a mechanic.

This morning, while we were having breakfast with everyone, my aunt, uncle and cousin decided to drop by to visit Dad. Then in the afternoon, my Mum-in-law went to visit an old friend who helped source for the mechanic and had them guide her back to our PJ house. So her friend and family also dropped by to say hello. Phew! What a load of unexpected visitors! KS parents just went back and we're finally back in Klang to feed the cat.

But all in all, Dad's getting so much better and I think the company also did him good. We made sure he didn't strain himself and insisted he took his rest when he felt tired.

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