Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Been Too Long

I can't remember the last time I went to a pub or disco and danced.

But last Friday, I attended a farewell for an ex-colleague but as I only got to know about it on the day itself, I went dressed in a sweater (!) and heels which were not really meant for bumping and grinding in a sweat filled environment.

Zeta's got a great band (although I have no comparisons but I enjoyed myself) and the crowd consisted of much older folks, most self-consciously moving on the spot while holding their drinks in one hand. We were the same until someone suggested to go down to the dance floor and boy, did we then really move it, move it!

Now my muscles are sore but it was worth the stress reliever! I had a great time letting down my hair with my ex-colleagues.

Now back to my work on a Sunday.


Grace said...

Yeah, one of the therapists in my course wanted to go to disco last night and I was like...I'm so tired...I would rather go to bed. zzzz....

Mlle Monster said...

Hehehe. I am glad you liked Zeta. Usually if you don't call in advance you can forget about getting in.

Yeah, I totally agree on the oldies but trust me, they aren't uncomfortable, they are just checking out the younger meat.