Sunday, December 21, 2008

Colonial Malaya

Last Thursday, my office had our annual dinner with the theme Colonial Malaya at the Carcosa Sri Negara. It was nice to see my colleagues dressed up to the era and some came looking like Tunku Abdul Rahman. Plus, the setting was simply perfect for the theme.

I was told to go a Tan Cheng Lock's wife so I dressed up in my cheongsam. Yes, my wedding cheongsam which made me look like a lap cheong just three months after my wedding. I've lost quite a lot of weight recently (to my puzzlement as I really want to know how I did it so that I can continue doing it!) so it fit me as well as it did on my wedding. Will find a decent photo if I can find one.

The food at the Gulai House was excellent although I didn't dare to touch the beef. Loved the pancake/crepe with ice cream at the end.

Everyone went home with a prize, the "unluckiest" ones went home with a 2G thumbdrive, which was still a good thing for me. Although my 4th thumbdrive, there's always more junk to store and keep in them.

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