Saturday, January 10, 2009

Angry Day

As mentioned, we had admitted KS into the hospital just after New Year. On Sunday, he was already feeling better with no fever for the day. We mentioned to his doctor that we would like to discharge him the next day and I took emergency leave so that I could help.

The next day we got up and reminded the nurses that we'd like to be discharged. However, until noon, the doctor still didn't come to do her rounds. We were told she was stuck in a jam on her way back from an external meeting. So we waited.

At 2:30pm, I walked out of the room and spotted her at the nurses' desk. Thinking she'd start doing her rounds, I went back and waited in the room. Half an hour later, we asked a nurse when the doc will see us who told us she was coming soon, "Appreciate your patience..." never mind that we waited half the day already.

We watched the next movie on the TV and when it ended at 6pm without any interruption from the doctor, we got really mad and I went down to complain to the management. The supervisor tried to calm me down and brought me back up to the ward where we found the doctor frantically writing out KS discharge documents, without even going in to check on him to see if he really was fit enough to leave.

And when I checked the bill, they:
1. Charged for the extra day of waiting for the doc
2. Overcharged us by charging us over RM1,500 for 92 bottles of mouthwash
I know this is being funded by insurance but please lah, this is ridiculous! We had the advantage of having my dad staying the same duration in the same hospital for the same illness less than 2 weeks before for less than half of what they were going to charge us.

Then there was the dispensary. They gave KS pills for "your stomach problem". What stomach problem?! Oh well, they shrug, I'm only dispensing what your doctor prescribed.

Fuming and tired, we went to the car after paying the maximum car park ticket for two days since I parked the car the day before (max of RM5 per day). Loaded everything into the car and damn car couldn't start. Flat battery. KS AAM (auto assist) card was in his wallet which I left at home. Managed to call Toyota Auto Assist. Found out we never paid for their service but they were willing to send help as long as we paid on our next trip to their office.

An hour later, mechanic arrives. Yup, battery problem. Never mind that two weeks ago KS sent the car for service and asked about the battery life-span. "Boleh lagi!" was the reply.

Big sigh. Pull out of the carpark, slot the ticket into the auto-gate. Ticket expired, had to go down to pay again for another RM3 for 2 hours. #*$%^%@^#^&!

Oh, while waiting for the battery to arrive, KS developed rash which spread to entire body the next day and had to go to a clinic as I wouldn't have sent him back to the hospital to the same doctor.

By the way, hospital was Assunta. Great service from the nurses but don't EVER get Dr Thye.

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