Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mind Your Language

So I walked into a shop selling DVD this morning intending to get the full set of Mind Your Language. Scanning the shelves, I could not seem to find it and decided to ask the guy in charge.

All this while, there was this guy at the counter, smoking in an air conditioned room, looking slightly pissed and furiously SMS-ing while a young boy looked on. He finally got up and was about to walk to the front of the shop when I approached him with a tentative, "Do you have Mind Your Language?". He looked at me and said, "What your language?" So I repeated, "Mind Your Language?"

He threw me a disgusted glance but said, "Okay, I'll mind my language!"

In shock, I said, "No, no, the series, Mind Your Language! Aren't you the guy in charge of the shop?"

"Oh! No I'm not! I'm also a customer waiting for the guy who's at the back. Er... there should be the boxed set somewhere.."

Ish. Malu sial... By the way, the boxed set is "The Complete Set of the Best Episodes of Mind Your Language" Apalah. Where do I go get the Complete Set?


Grace said...

You can buy it from JB. I got them there for Ronald but I am trying to download them. My kids also want to watch them. Hold off buying for a while.

Kelvin said...

There are some great memories from this show for me too. I've been trying to watch them on YouTube. It's funny but even after all these years, the jokes are still quite funny. Along the same vein, check out Russell Peters. His later DVD called Red, White and Brown is great. A bit crude at times but definitely quite funny.