Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oz Open

I happened to watch Verdasco and Nadal play yesterday in the Semi Finals of the Australian Open. We watched the start of the game, switched channels so that Mum could watch her Korean drama, had dinner, watched the news and I tried Googling to find out who won but there mysteriously were no results.

Then we tried switching back to the channel and lo and behold, they were still at it! It was an awesome and exciting game as they fought point by point. I was rooting for Verdasco because he is the underdog, playing against Nadal the World No.1. 5 hours 14 minutes! Man, those who were watching it live really had their money's worth and square backsides for sitting so long.

Now I'm looking forward to tomorrow's finals with Nadal and Federer. Hopefully it will be as exciting as yesterday's match!

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