Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ox Year Celebrations

This year, the Chinese New Year celebrations have been somewhat muted. There have been less fireworks from the previous years, a luxury many may have opted not to have with the impending economic slowdown.

Back in Melaka, there were still fireworks but none of those huge ones which were comparable to those displayed at the annual KLCC New Year celebrations. Still, the nights have been filled with sharp cracks and bangs, much to the bewilderment of Amber and Maple.

We barricaded the girls to one side of the house on the first night as we had guests. In the midst of all the firecrackers going off, here are the reactions of the girls:
This is Amber, easily distracted with a bone. Here she's seen chewing while the fireworks were going on, not even flinching.

And this is Maple:
Petrified and stressed (see her worried frown - she's normally very carefree), pressing herself to the fence to be as near as possible to any human who may protect her from the horrible explosions. Poor gal's heart was thumping wildly as I hugged her.

And as always, we aimed to leave early so that we can reach Masjid Tanah before lunch and what time did we leave? An hour later than expected (KS and I seem to be always the last!) but still, we managed to squeeze in time to snap our annual shot:
And no, I'm not pregnant. I was experiencing high water retention. It didn't help that my dress had an empire waist. Now that I'm looking at this photo, looks like we had a theme going, gals in reds while the guys were garbed in light shades.

Oh! And one thing that I was proud to be working for my current company was its gorgeous ang pow packets this year.

Every year I look for one design of ang pow which I will keep to use for weddings so looks like this year I'll be keeping some of these. Aren't they gorgeous? I'd love to keep an entire stack of them but then, what would I do with a bagful of ang pows in 5 years? It becomes trash.

Or would anyone have suggestions on what to do with old ang pow packs which cannot glue itself at the folds anymore?

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Grace said...

Save it to make chinese lanterns for CNY decorations?