Saturday, January 10, 2009

Classical Music

I was recently given to a set of classical music CDs called Hooked on Classics for Christmas. The title of each piece looked a bit weird, with many popular classical pieces listed under one song. My expectation was that it is a compilation of famous classical bits and pieces stitched into one song, which I am rather used to although it leaves me unsatisfied, like having a whiff of Famous Amos but not eating them, know what I mean?

Anyway, one morning, I popped the CD into the player on the way to work and was awestruck by the fact that they weaved a steady synthesized drumbeat to give a rhythm to stitch each snippet like a quilt. For the pieces which had different rhythms, the timing was adjusted to fit into the complete composition.

Now, art appreciation is extremely subjective. Growing up with Ron's influence on appreciating classical music, the first time I listened to the CD, my jaw was at my feet. It was too incredible and I just had to listen to the entire CD and popped in the 2nd CD after that.

After listening to the 1st CD for the 4th time now, I am beginning to appreciate it for it's many pieces which I am familiar with but never knew the title of the song. I haven't started on the 3rd CD yet as I plan to write down each title that I'd like to collect the full version of. I'm gonna have my cookies after having a good whiff of what I like!

It's actually a very clever way of getting people to appreciate classical music as I am told by Ron that he's had friends who started venturing into classical music after listening to similar versions of the set I have.

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