Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bali - Next Month

Next month I'll be going to Bali, piggy-backing on KS's company trip. Quite excited about it since I've heard so much about Bali and I only need to pay for the airfare. The place where we'll be staying is apparently 3 hours from the airport. We'll be there for 4 days 3 nights, food included plus a nightly spa.

KS will be away for a day of work so I'll be left on my own for one day. Quick! Give me suggestions on what books to buy now to bring! I just bought David Sedaris' latest "When you are engulfed in flames" but I doubt if it will remain untouched until next month.

Another thing, Bali = beaches = bikini babes. I hardly swim and the swimsuit I have is the neon one which highlights the part I'm trying most to cover. Plus the fact that it is over 3 years old. All good reasons to get a new suit, no?

So I went into the shops to take a look. Man! The lesser the material, the more expensive it is! Sigh. I'll have to just make do with what I have then.


Mlle Monster said...
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Mlle Monster said...

ARGH! I am never going swimsuit shopping with you ever again! To all others - to quote Gandalf - run fools! Hehe. If you are not going into to the water much, then just wrap a pareo around your swimsuit. Very chic alternative. And cheaper than a new swimsuit oddly enough.