Thursday, January 29, 2009

Recycling MFK Container

Speaking of recycling junk, do you recognize this little plastic container?

It contains my husband's most favourite junk food of all time, Mo Far Ko. This little container is so small and yet I've used it for two different reasons before. Okay, okay, I won't call it recycling since I threw them away once my little experiments ended.

And what, may you ask, could I possibly store in this wee thing?

The first time I used it was way back in late secondary school. I found a jejentik (mosquito larvae) and scooped it into the container. I was hoping to observe how it would turn into a mosquito but unfortunately, I didn't get to see it. It had already evolved into the familiar flying insect by the time I came back from school one day. My intention was to leave it there until it grew tired of flying and simply drowned in the water.

After three days, it was still flying in the little space of air and I just couldn't kill it. So I let it out of my window, consoling myself that it wasn't an aedes.

To digress, also in high school, I kept two lizard eggs in a matchbox to watch it hatch. They hatched while I was at school so I didn't get to see their birth. Dang, that's why I prefer watching Nat Geo where you just sit for half and hour and you get to see it all captured on film.

Anyway, back to the MFK container, so that's Usage #1 - mosquito larvae.

Usage #2 was also similar in the sense that it was a living creature. I kept a fat leech which I collected from FRIM during my first trip with my old company. It had just filled its belly with someone's blood so it was really fat and fascinating.

After a few days in the container, it started to grow pretty thin. I took pity on it, pricked my finger and let some blood flow into the container. The fella latched on hungrily to the side as I observed the suction of its mouth. I also set it free after that.

Now what else can I do with this thing?


Wendy said...

I didn't know you can be so gross...Yucks! ;P

jo said...

NOW only you know, ah? :)