Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bite Me!

Went for a full body massage in Melaka recently. It was, in short, painful. She kept telling me, "Relax!" but I just couldn't! There was a knot on my shoulder blade which she worked on in vain and in the end, she just gave up.

The next day, my back was absolutely sore.

I do feel highly strung recently and I haven't found the reason why. It's like having a permanant PMS.

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ron said...

you have to be careful with these so called "masseurs" - there are so many fakes out there who havent got a clue. I went to one in SF and it was a combination massage incorporating elements of shiatsu, swedish, thai etc etc. The guy even stepped on my back and I thought "wow this must be good stuff!" Well, I can tell you my back muscles have never felt so sore even after a work out at the gym or caused by any other injury. I had to wait to get back to Melb to let my trusted masseur sort me out! It was the worst massage I've ever had and quite dangerous I think (pricey too - I paid like US$75 for 1 hour plus sauna use)