Sunday, November 12, 2006


This is a month filled with weddings. I have 4 invites, but am only able to attend 2.

Yesterday KS and I went to Wendy's. Hers was a last minute do (as she wanted to elope after being inspired by Karen) but was found out by the parents. But she managed to squeeze some tables out of this restaurant that had already 2 weddings booked for the very same night!

It was quite remarkable. She started off the dinner early and this benefited all her guests:
1. We got choice parking spots
2. We started and ended early
No blaring of some Kitaro (or Maxim, like the other wedding beside us) for the first dish, or grand entrances by the bride and groom. It was very simple and nice!

Oh, while we were busy toasting the bride and groom, the other weddings had just begun so our screams of YAAAAAM SEEENG drowned the grand announcements of the other wedding. Quite funny actually. Like Wendy said, it was like the brides were trying to outdo each other.

Speaking of yam seng, overheard in a wedding recently made by an emcee, who's first language isn't English, toast the bridal couple:
For Fidelity!
Haiyoh! Fertility and fidelity may start with the same letter and have the same syllables but... the guests toasted to it anyway.

The other one I heard was about the bride's father who was a politician and the emcee wanted to wish him well for the upcoming elections:
... and good ruck for your upcoming ERECTION!
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaam seng!


w.e.n.d.y said...

Guess what, there were other guests for the other wedding turning up while we were saying goodbye. One came over and started to congratulate me and I chased him away, telling him that he's come for the wrong wedding. And guess who that was!!!!

He was one of the opposition party's big shot. Oopssss.....

w.e.n.d.y said...

OHHHhhh....and I am still planning for that runaway wedding (after)!!!