Saturday, November 11, 2006

Moth in My Wallet

What a busy week.

All the days seem to blend into each other but all I know is that every night I came home tired and for the past two nights I have been sleeping at 10:30pm. I'm getting old!

Yesterday I was supposed to go make-up shopping with my colleagues. We planned this two weeks ago and got all excited about it. After all, I was looking forward to some girly advice on this matter (but after reading Karen's comments on this, I'm better enlightened) and a girls night out. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication and they thought it was supposed to happen during lunch hour!

So, since KS already planned to burn the midnight oil at work, I dragged my available colleagues to Mid Valley to shop.

The propensity of cash flowing out of my wallet is frightening. If you know me, I'm usually very careful and think twice, thrice before I buy anything. Like, my handphone (which I still haven't bought!). These days I'm just impulsive.

I've bought two pairs of trousers, make-up stuff, dinner purse, shoes all within this week. I've already mentioned my other purchases over the last 30 days alone and this is really frightful. And the horrible part to it is that I'm actually looking for work tops, not everything else! So effectively, my shopping hasn't been successful. And hence, I will need to still go shopping.

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